A little bit about me and why this site!

I have been visiting Salisbury, Wiltshire ever few years for as long as I can remember to visit family. Every time, I’ve re-visited places in Salisbury and also found other places in the surrounding area to visit, either by car or public transit. I have so many fond memories of these places, learnt a lot of history, and also taken LOTS of photos which have taken up far too much space on my computer.

As I go through hundreds of photos and clean up, I am posting about each of the must-see places to visit and why they would be of interest. Ranging from castles and cathedrals to art galleries and museums, you’ll see why this is such a great place to visit and a great point from which to travel to other interesting cities.

I hope you enjoy looking through my photos, and feel free to leave comments. I look forward to hearing from you!