The Ruins of Old Sarum

Let’s return back to Salisbury and take a look at Old Sarum. This site is one of the earliest settlements in England, and was also the original location for Salisbury Cathedral.

Located on the top of a hill, it was originally a hillfort, and during the Norman period, it was also the site of a castle with a full motte and bailey, and had a stone wall around the perimeter, as well as the original cathedral. There was even a royal palace for the 11th century monarchs. After varying disputes and changes, the site was left to ruin

The ruins themselves are fascinating to look at, and there are signs to explain what you’re looking at, as it’s an English Heritage site.

History aside, it makes for a great place to go for a walk, a jog, and a picnic. Yes, you can run down the side of the hill, although it’s very steep to climb out of!

When you visit

Try to aim for a sunny day, as you’ll spend most of your time outside. As an English Heritage site, there are facilities and a gift shop available. Make you’re wearing comfortable shoes to walk around in.




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