Let’s all go to the seaside! The beach in Bournemouth

We all need to hit the beach at some point! Bournemouth is only an hour away from Salisbury, and has beautiful beaches to visit. This particular beach that is easy to get to is right by the Bournemouth Pier.

Put your feet in the water! 

Or even go for a swim if it’s warm enough like those brave (crazy?) fellows! I happen to frequently travel in May, which is just a bit too cold for swimming in my opinion – although these guys didn’t have a problem! But walking along the beach is lovely regardless of time of year.


Fish and Chips on the Beach

Yet again, food steps onto the scene. Along the beach is a Harry Ramsden‘s that makes delicious fish and chips, which is perfect for a cooler beach day!

There are other places to visit on the beach, but another good place is WestBeach also on the coastline.

Take in the view

Beyond walking along the beach, there is also a path above the beach. This gives you a great view of the pier as well as the view overall – so make sure to take a hike above the beach as well as along it.

When you visit

Make sure you’ve brought plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, flip flops, and some walking shoes/sandals. Surprisingly for an English beach in May, you can still get a lot of sun. You have the options of driving there, or taking a direct bus from the centre of Salisbury to a stop in Bournemouth that’s a very short walking distance from the beach itself.


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