Step into a BBC Drama at the Village of Lacock

If you are like me in that you’re a period drama junkie, you’ll definitely want to visit the Village of Lacock which is about an hour’s drive away. If you’re not so keen on dramas, you may still want to visit Lacock Abbey which was used in the Harry Potter films.

The Village

As you step into the village, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time – with the exception of the cars and the road itself. The village has been used in Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, and Cranford – the difference is they’ve put dirt on the road, swapped the cars for horse-drawn carriages, and they might have taken a sign or two down!

Photo: National Trust UK (scene from Downton Abbey)

As you wander through the village, make sure you stop by King John’s Hunting Lodge. Not only is it a lovely spot to get tea and cakes, but it was also used in the Harry Potter films.

Lacock Abbey

This abbey was founded back in the 13th century as a monastery for Augustinian nuns. With King Henry VIII and the dissolution of the monasteries, it passed through various owners who built round the original abbey so that it’s now got architecture dating back to a variety of periods – you can see this just by looking at the outside and the cloistered courtyard. Make sure you take a walk around the outside of the house too to see this!

Aside from the Harry Potter films, it was also used in the series Wolf Hall.

When you visit

Take a look at the National Trust website to learn a bit more about Lacock as well as general opening times.


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