Walk like an Earl at Wilton House

Wilton House is the home of the Earl of Pembroke and has been in the family for the last 400 years. The family still lives in parts of the estate, and the rest is open to visitors. The site dates back to 871AD and was originally the location of Wilton Abbey. However, this house was built in the 1500s when the land was given to the 1st Earl of Pembroke by King Henry VIII.

When you visit, make sure to leave time to view the house, to walk around the gardens, and take a look at the car collection. There is also a play area for kids which is loads of fun on a nice summer day!

The House

Wilton House has an impressive gateway which takes you into the estate. The house itself is beautiful and you can see the Tudor and Palladian styles in outside architecture.

You aren’t allowed to take photos once inside so you’ll have to trust me that it’s worth the visit!

The Gardens

I think these photos speaks for themselves as to how impressive the gardens are.

Aside from stately rooms and gardens…

Looking at stately rooms and art work, and wandering English gardens isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Aside from that, there’s also the Earl’s car collection and a small museum so you can see what life was like in the 19th century.

There’s also a “kids” play ground for both adults and kids!

In Film

The house has been used in many films, including The Madness of King George starring Nigel Hawthorne and Helen Mirren. The Van Dyck painting you see in the background is part of the estate’s collection.

When you visit

Make sure you visit the Wilton House website when you plan your visit! You’ll want good weather so you can walk around the gardens. There is a little cafe too if you need a break or want to grab a drink.


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