Take a walk round the Cathedral Close

As mentioned in my previous post, if you’re going to Salisbury, you should visit Salisbury Cathedral. And once you’ve made it to the cathedral, you should take a walk around the Close, and make at least a couple of stops if you have the time. I’m going to highlight Arundells and Mompesson House since I’ve been inside, but there are a couple of other museums you can take a look at if you ¬†have time.


Arundells is a beautiful house that once belonged to former Prime Minister Ted Heath. Not only do you get to look through the house, but you also get to walk through the garden which is on the border of a river. My favourite part was seeing his study, which I’d happily work in with that view from the window!

If and when you visit: make sure to review the website for visitor information.

Mompesson House

Step back in time to the 18th century via Mompesson House! This house is lighter on the history side, but definitely worth taking a tour of.

For fans of the 1995 film Sense and Sensibility, it was also used as the family’s London home. You can sit on benches in the same area where Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson did!

It also has a lovely garden that you can walk through and sit in for tea.

Before you visit, make sure you look over the National Trust website for visitor information.

Other places to visit

Within walking distance around the close, there are also a couple of museums you can visit:


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